Biochrome x HortiPower algae lighting booth at ReThink Hong Kong

Lighting for a net zero future at ReThink HK

Recently we were invited to ReThink HK, which was held in September 2023 and it is the biggest sustainability symposium in Hong Kong. At ReThink HK we showed Biochrome x HortiPower algae lighting.

Algae can be a good source of protein at much lower energy input. The photosynthesis efficiency of algae is for example higher than leafy greens and vegetables.

We showed a product concept for growing algae at home. So you could grow your own spirulina and clean your air as it removes CO2 from the air and improves indoor air quality. You could use the algae then as a fertilizer or other applications.

The larger photo bio reactor (PBR) creates oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis and removes CO2. It is a great tool for public indoor spaces and the local carbon removal can be measured real time. This increases transparency and by getting tangible benefits for the indoor environment it presents clear carbon removal benefits. Not only for the environment but also for the people around it.

Are you interested in growing, researching or using algae? Email or DM us so we can create lighting solutions designed around your intended use.

 Algae lighting team Jille, Banly, Jane

Jille, Banly, Jane (from left to right)


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