HortiPower Mesh

HortiPower Mesh is a scalable, on-site, private, and secure wireless mesh for horticultural applications. It is designed for lighting control at vertical farms, tissue culture laboratories, greenhouses and more. This Industrial IoT protocol offers high performance and ease of use. Sign up for beta-testing here.

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HortiPower lights such as the Nurser 4 are equipped with Mesh nodes and they find the best way to get their message across, even when devices get moved or unplugged. HortiPower Mesh incorporates dynamic channel hopping to ensure that the wireless connectivity remains healthy.


Smart range extension allows networks to grow as more devices are added. Every HortiPower mesh-enabled light acts as a repeater, allowing you to manage your lights at large farms and multiple rooms, areas and buildings.

Web-based App

The network connects to a cloud-enabled platform. Users can easily log in to the web application and manage their lights remote. You can control and manage your grow lights from any device with the HortiPower web app.
The physical cloud server is based in the United States for the North American and global markets. For specific projects, physical cloud servers can be based in Singapore or Sweden.


A gateway can connect up to 512 devices to the mesh network and cloud. Add more Gateways as necessary.


The scheduling functions give you precise control over the photoperiods of the lights. A consistent lighting schedule helps you run your farm better.


Lights can be added to zones to manage larger labs and farms. Settings and schedules are sent to all devices in each zone simultaneously, and zones can be modified with a few clicks.


You’ll be able to add LightScripts for different plant growth or development outcomes.