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Linear grow lights at HOME: HortiPower vs Elho

Elho is known for its well-designed recycled plastic pots and accessories. They also have a light garden. In this blog, we are going to compare Elho and HortiPower. The website was visited at 27th of may 2021.

The products are the Elho Light Garden and HortiPower Grow light set at HOME: 4 pcs HortiPower Nurser 3 (45cm each) with stands and accessories.

10 key differences: 
2x to 4x larger surface area (HortiPower)
3x more powerful (HortiPower)
1.7x more plant-centric light at 10cm under the light (HortiPower)
4x more bright as measured in lumens (HortiPower)
40% lighter (HortiPower)
40x more scalable (HortiPower)
0 adaptors (HortiPower)
1 year longer warranty (Elho)
Comes with a recycled plastic tray (Elho)
Grow more plants and vegetables (HortiPower)

HortiPower outperforms Elho on surface area and all lighting aspects. You can grow more, it gives you more of the right light that your plants love, the lights are more efficient and it is a sustainable choice. And the price you ask? Surprisingly it is the same.


Elho Light Garden Nurser 3 Grow Light set for Home


by Elho

Surface area

0.10 sqm = 1014 cm = 26cm x 39cm

0.217 sqm = 43.50cm = 25cm x (43.5cm x 2)

0.435 sqm = 43.50cm = 25cm x (43.5cm x 4)


10W 32W (8W x 4pcs)

Plant centric light

120 μmol @ 10cm distance 212.7 μmol @ 10cm distance


465 2776 = 506 x 4pcs


  1.3kg 0.7kg


1 pcs per installation Up to 40 pcs per installation

Responsible electronic use

Requires 12V adaptor Direct 100-240VAC input, no adaptor required


3 years 2 years


Tray included Use your own tray

Made for

Herbs, Vegetables, Houseplants and Succulents Herbs, Seedlings, Leafy greens, Plants, Fruits



99 euro, for one light 99 euro, for four lights

Surface area 
This relates to how many plants you can grow. Elho’s light garden comes with a tray and its size is 26cm by 38 cm. this is 1014sq cm or 0.1 sqm.

HortiPower comes with 4 lights of each 43.5cm and at 20-30cm height the beam of light is 25cm wide. This results in 25cm x (4pcs x 43.5) = 4350sq cm or 0.435 sqm. The HortiPower lights can also be connected in 4 lights in a single row, or two rows of each 90cm.

The Elho light is 10W. The HortiPower lights are 8W and with 4pcs you’ll have up to 32W.
Plant centric light
Elho mentions 120 μmol at 10cm. This is a bit of a strange measurement since we should not measure too close to the light source as it inflates the intensity. For this comparison, we measured the HortiPower lights at 10cm. They give 212.7 μmol/m2/s.
HortiPower Nurser 3 10cm  
Lumens are the brightness of light as can be seen by the human eye. For plants, it is not too important. Elho provides 465 lumens. HortiPower provides 2776lumens (=506 lumens x 4pcs).
Elho’s weight is 1.3Kg. this also includes the tray and metal frame. HortiPower weight is 0.7Kg for lights, the stands and all accessories. Weight is not necessarily relevant for plants, but less weight can help to be more environmentally friendly during production and shipping.
The Elho light is offered as an individual unit. The HortiPower lights are made like lego. This means you could use the same light to connect 1 or up to 40 pcs. This modularity can make your installation more efficient and scalable. It also enables HortiPower to make a better product with a very good product architecture.
Responsible electronic use  
The Elho light uses a 12V external adaptor. Companies like Apple started to ship products without an adaptor. HortiPower has taken it a bit further and these lights require no external adaptor. Simply plug in the cable and the light goes on.
Elho offers 3 years warranty. HortiPower offers 2 years.
Elho ships with a tray. HortiPower does not ship with a tray. It also means you can use your own seedling trays in any shape or form.

Made for...
Elho mentioned it is made for Herbs, Vegetables, Houseplants, and Succulents. HortiPower mentioned seedlings such as tomato seedlings or bell pepper seedlings and leafy green separately. HortiPower recommends that you grow from seed to a young plant under the light and then move to a vegetable garden or greenhouse. Leafy greens can grow under the light from seed to harvest. HortiPower also mentioned that you can grow fruits such as strawberries.
Elho is available on their webshop for 99 euro for one light each. HortiPower is available for 99 euro for four lights. 

In short, HortiPower gives you a larger surface area and more plant-lighting for your plants. This enables you to grow more and all for the same price. Elho comes with a recycled plastic tray.