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HortiPower™ makes plant-centric lighting to help plants grow faster, better and healthier.

The world needs to double food production by 2050 (according to a UN report), reduce food miles and provide more food security and access to urban areas. HortiPower provides the right light for better growth so people can grow anywhere, anytime and in a more sustainable way.

HortiPower is based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and fulfilment in Vietnam and the Netherlands. In 2019, HortiPower developed a new flexible spectrum lighting system for plant tissue culture. Organizations like Dole, Sumifru and Del Monte are using HortiPower to grow tropical fruits. 

Universities such as Wageningen University, Hanoi University, Ho Chi Minh University and Zhengzhou University conducted research and consultancy projects with HortiPower. Knowledge institutes such as Institute of Tropical Biology and Biotech are using HortiPower for research and production of Banana, Dendrobium, Dragon fruit and others.

HortiPower was mentioned as one of the most promising ideas by Y Combinator and received a 15K USD grant.

HortiPower developed Lightscripts™ which enables growers to provide the right light at the right time and the right place to grow plants according to optimal growth models and grower goals. Companies reported a 30% increase in yield, higher quality and less waste.

During the pandemic, the company started to offer grow-lights in the Netherlands for people at home, for a vegetable garden or plants. It also delivered lighting for vertical farming of strawberry, leafy greens and herbs in Asia and the United States. Vertical farms can opt for Light-as-a-Service in which they pay for light per month, rather than purchasing the lights.

HortiPower is designed around you. Small enough for personal customer service and advice, with advanced R&D to make something that people and plants need, and big enough for large-scale production and reliability.


  • Nurser 1: The world’s first 5-channel flexible spectrum fixture for tissue culture. 
  • Nurser 3: Grow lights for vertical farming to grow food with 90% less water, zero pesticide and high consistent yield.
  • Bloomer 2: A grow-light for houseplants that fits into an ordinary lighting fixture
  • Grow light set for home: Helping people grow food and plants at home without any natural daylight.
  • 19 Intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks and light-scripts to push the boundaries of what technology can do for you.