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HortiPower lighting systems help your plants grow faster and healthier and ultimately higher quality plants. We supply a dedicated range of lighting solutions that supply the correct quality of light for each of your plants, variety, growth stage or space.

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Greenhouse lighting solutions

The HortiPower greenhouse luminare is specialized greenhouse light for plant growth and development. Its adjustable spectrum can be optimized for all plants at every growth stage. This plant-centric light helps growers to grow strong and vigorous plants. It is perfect for hybrid installation together with Son-T (HPS) lamps in Venlo greenhouses. It can replace 600W Son-T or 300W Son-T in a point-for-point replacement.

Tissue Culture

The HortiPower Tissue Culture luminaire is a cost effective direct view linear LED lighting fixture specifically designed to promote tissue growth and health at all stages of a plants growth. HortiPower is the worlds first custom designed, full and flexible spectrum fixture to be produced with custom LED’s specifically designed to promote plant shooting, rooting and multiplication in tissue culture. When compared with traditional lighting savings, of up to 50%, in energy and maintenance costs can be achieved.

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Improving tissue culture quality in bananas with LEDs

The Institute of Tropical Biology is using HortiPower lighting to increase their tissue culture production and quality.

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Growing strawberries indoor

At the Agriculture High Tech Park in Vietnam they grow strawberries using HortiPower lighting.

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