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Happy horticulturists, hydroponic farmers and savvy green-thumbs trust HortiPower for all of their specialty lighting needs. Though a young company, HortiPower leads the industry when it comes to innovation, user-experience and plant growth. Our story dates back to 2019 when we were commissioned by our partner in Singapore to create lights that could support and enhance the growth of banana plant tissue. Let’s just say the rest is history. What started as an experiment quickly turned into a banana bonanza!

Meticulously fine-tuned based on years of extensive research, tested in world-renowned labs and put through various stages of tedious product development, our state-of-the-art technologies are globally touted for their ability to improve yield, boost the quality of plant growth and at the same time lower energy consumption. These aren’t your average grow lights and lamps. They’re cutting-edge life-centric lighting fixtures skillfully designed for the arrangement of vertical farms, indoor herb farms, hydro gardens and more.

HortiPower is headquartered in Hong Kong and a fusion of Dutch innovativeness and Asia’s growth potential. We have offices and fulfillment centers in nearby Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines and the Netherlands to better streamline our supply chain for efficiency. We have proudly partnered with a collective of botanists, biologists, nutritionists, floriculturists and permaculture designers to ensure HortiPower growing lights consistently live up to our strict standards.



Harness your HortiPower. Adjustable and adaptable, our lights mimic sunlight to artificially simulate the process of photosynthesis. We aim to supply DIY gardeners, plant enthusiasts, herbologists, nursers and seasoned horticulturists with a wide selection of the finest grow lights available. The ultimate goal shared by our team is to help home growers, businesses and start-ups adopt fresh farm-to-table dining habits that benefit natural ecosystems, reduce waste and support better health. We, here at HortiPower, aim to introduce the benefits of homegrown food to families, individuals and restaurateurs by providing a healthy selection of energy-efficient indoor grow lights. By encouraging others to discover the many benefits of sustainability and freshness, we hope to make meaningful contributions to the g(r)o(w) sustainable movement sweeping the globe.



Banly Cheung spearheads the occupational and public outreach sectors of our company. A natural-born social butterfly, this hospitable human genuinely enjoys establishing personal connections with customers and clients. Previously CTO at a business unit in Asia, he once facilitated the commercial acquisition of his previous entertainment lighting company to the global conglomerate Royal Philips NV. His deep knowledge of manufacturing processes plays a vital role in the development and production of HortiPower grow lights. Someone who takes the lead when it comes to daily business dealings, this creative genius is the quintessential representative and ambassador of our budding brand. 



Hailing from the Netherlands, Jille Kuipers is the brains behind the operation. Data-driven, pragmatic and down-to-earth, he’s the one responsible for carrying out work behind the scenes. Formerly employed as the Innovation Manager at Philips Research, Jille is highly proficient, well-versed in the art of modern lighting technologies and a virtuoso of optics. His scientific approach applied during the design of our unique lighting solutions has proven indispensable here at HortiPower. Detail-oriented, strategic, resourceful, sensible and rational, he's a self-proclaimed wallflower with a brain as sharp as steel and a deep-rooted passion for lighting.