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Banly Cheung and Jille Kuipers have worked in lighting for a long time. Banly was previously CTO at a business unit in Asia for Philips. His previous entertainment lighting company was acquired by Royal Philips NV. Jille was innovation manager at Philips Research and worked at Philips Lighting. We both have a shared passion for amazing light that serves people and bring positive change. This made us work together. 

In 2019 we started working on life-centric light to Bring light to Life for people, plants and animals. 

We loved the positive bio-impact that light can make. Word spread around and at the end of 2019, our Singaporean partner asked us to make lighting for banana plant-tissue culture. Together with scientists, engineers and designers we worked tirelessly on design, engineering, manufacturing, samples and started developing some lights with unlimited flexibility to give plants what they need.

With Banly's prior experience in both business, technology and manufacturing we got quickly up to speed and at a professional level. With Jille's prior experience in science-driven and end-user focused innovation we made something that would become the best light for banana-tissue culture.

Since then we produced countless prototypes, incidentally abused and recovered a lot of plants in the process, and had amazing visits when saw the marvelous growth of tissue culture under our lighting in labs that grow plants. In that year we’ve seen many bananas. We’ve even seen bananas crossing the road after driving through kilometers of banana plantage. 

Based on this initial validation by a large multinational, we started to make more dedicated solutions for tissue culture. HortiPower technology was recognized for its potential to improve yield and quality in an academic consultancy study with Wageningen University. This boosted our confidence and it led us to develop more solutions and light as a service for vertical farms, greenhouse and home. 

We are based in Hong Kong which gives us easy access to both clients in the region as well as close proximity to our production-base. HortiPower has also offices in Singapore, The Philippines and fulfilment in Vietnam and the Netherlands. Our team is small enough for a personal approach and professional enough for large scale projects. We also work with a small group of freelancers from The Netherlands and Germany to Indonesia and beyond.

What makes us proud is to see people being happy with the their plant or tissue culture growth. everybody to grow anything, everywhere and at anytime. It gives us joy and its good for our planet. 

Our biggest mission when we set up HortiPower was to help everybody to grow anything, everywhere and at anytime. It gives us joy and its good for our planet. And it is our biggest mission today. 

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