HortiPower VS Valoya (tissue culture)

HortiPower VS Valoya (tissue culture)

In this blog post we look into HortiPower vs Valoya for tissue culture applications.
Key points;
1. HortiPower can be installed in a continuous light line for more consistent growth
2. HortiPower delivers 20% more µmol output and 2X lifetime
3. Valoya offers 0.2 µmol/J more, but comes with a fixed spectrum. HortiPower offers a flexible spectrum and with less Green%.
Information Hortipower Valoya
Type Batten Tube
Voltage input 24V 110-240, 277V
Power consumption 20W 18W
Length 1M 1.2M / 4ft
Efficiency 1.9 up to 2.1
Spectrum RGBWFR custom
Dimmable Yes No
Flexible spectrum Yes No
Control compatibility Yes ?
Lifetime 50.000 25.000
Price 60 USD ?


In tissue culture labs the fixtures are often mounted to the shelves. HortiPower batten comes with mounting brackets that 'click and snap' on the batten. You are also able to suspend the installation. Valoya is a round tube which require a different installation.

Continuous light line for even light and consistent tissue growth

HortiPower comes in a 1 meter version, the fixtures can be chained so that you can built a continuous light line for a consistent and even spread. Valoya has the connector at the end of the fixture, which prevents you from making a long continuous light line. Valoya can chain along the x- axis (width). HortiPower can chain along the x-axis (width) as well.


Valoya mentioned an efficiency up to 2.1 µmol/J. With 18W it would translate in 37.8 µmol per 1.2m/ 4ft fixture. per meter it would be 31.5 µmol. HortiPower has 38 µmol which is 20% more.


Valoya has standard and custom spectra. The benefit of a standard spectrum is that it can be more efficient since the whole product design can focus on maximum efficiency. This means the grower has to make the right choice at day 1.

In addition the standard spectrum might not be efficient for the plant-process. The standard spectrum AP67 of Valoya contains 0% Ultraviolet, 14% Blue, 16% Green, 53% Red and 17% Far Red.

While green has some use for plant growth and development, in particular to provide full spectrum light, most of the green light (inbetween 500-600nm) is reflected by plants, hence they appear green. Spending money on Green µmol will therefore not result in more consistent or better gowth.

HortiPower is using plant-centric flexible spectrums. This means that spectra can be adjusted even after the installation is done. This gives flexibility to the grower and keep on optimizing year after year. HortiPower can work with growers to recommend spectrums to use. In most of these recommended spectrums the Green level will be below 10%.

Note that the efficiency difference is 2.1 µmol/J vs 1.9 µmol/J. It means that per wattage used Valoya delivers and additional 0.2 µmol vs HortiPower. But you would not have any choice on where you would like that µmol to be.


HortiPower LEDs are rated for 50.000 hours. Valoya is rated for 25.000.


HortiPower is 60 USD per meter. Valoya is not publicly available.



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