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How to make a straight line of light with Nurser 3?

How to make a straight line of light with Nurser 3?

When it comes to grow lights, achieving a uniform light distribution is crucial for the optimal development and growth of plants. Plants thrive under consistent and even lighting conditions, and minimizing gaps in the light coverage is important. Not only does this benefit the plants, but it also creates an aesthetically pleasing sight for the human eye.

One option for achieving a uniform line of light is by using the Nurser 3 grow lights. These lights can be used individually or in combination with multiple lights. Each light can be daisy-chained or pushed into a connecting light.

For instance, you have the option to connect two lights together in a straight line. To ensure a straight line setup, various mounting options are available. If you plan to install the lights on a shelf, you can use mounting clips. If you prefer a rack or shelf installation, cable ties can be utilized.

To cater to the needs of home users, many people opt for the Nurser 3 compatible stands. However, some users have reported that the lights tend to "hang" slightly in the middle. To address this concern, we have designed a new clip, which is now included in the home grow light set. This long top-clip is specifically designed to hold the lights better together, ensuring a straight and uniform line of light. If you have previously purchased a home set without this clip, you can request for a complimentary clip. Simply reach out to us, and we will ship one clip for free with every two lights in your set.


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Alternatively, if you prefer to purchase the clips separately, they are available for purchase here:

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