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How to shoot smooth videos of your plants and grow lights with no flickering? (use 25fps)

How to shoot smooth videos of your plants with no flickering?

The frequency in the USA and Europe is different which can cause flickering on iPhone camera's

Our lights are made for input voltage of 100-240VAC and a frequency of 50-60Hz. In the USA the input voltage is 100VAC and 60Hz. iPhone camera has a default setting of 30fps or 60fps. In the USA there would not be any flickering from the light. In Europe the input voltage is 220VAC and 50Hz. To avoid flickering you would need to shoot in 25fps or 50fps.

Steps to avoid flickering at iPhone cameras

1. Go into your iPhone's general settings, scroll down to “Camera” and

2. Select “Record Video”

3. Go to the “Show PAL Formats” and toggle the switch

4. Choose either “1080p HD at 25fps” or “4K at 25fps”.

Now you can shoot in 25fps and the video recording will be smooth.