HortiPower at the HorecaEvenTT 2022

HortiPower at the HorecaEvenTT 2022

HortiPower was invited as a startup at the HorecaEvenTT. This Hospitality Industry event took place at 11, 12 and 13 April at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. The 14th edition was the largest regional trade show for the Hospitality sector in the North and East of the Netherlands. 

At booth 4210 visitors could learn more how restaurants and hotels can grow their own herbs and greens. The benefits for your own grown food are numerous; It is fresh, local, without pesticide and with growlights it is possible the whole year.

HortiPower lighting is also perfect for restaurant interiors with plants. Special lighting ensures that plants maintain health and that visitors can enjoy its biophilic beauty.

"I love the idea of growing my own cress and edible flowers" said a restaurant chef. "I enjoy growing my own seedlings and vegetables as a health and fun activity" said another garden owner. 

HortiPower at the HorecaEvenTT in Leeuwarden 2022 WTC Expo

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