The power of Flowering Lights: Maximising Blooms and Fruits with Expert Techniques

The power of Flowering Lights: Maximising Blooms and Fruits with Expert Techniques

Flowering lights are like magical signals to plants, designed specifically to help them bloom and bear fruit. They have the power to either suppress or promote flowering, depending on the desired outcome for growers. If you want taller plants, these lights can help suppress flowering. On the other hand, if you're aiming for earlier harvests, increased fruiting, or precise timing of your harvest, flowering lights are your go-to solution.

Written by Jille Kuipers 

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Bloomer Pro flowering light

Optimizing Flowering Lights: Greenhouse vs Indoor Distances  

It's important to note that flowering lights aren't necessarily designed for photosynthesis or overall plant growth. However, they can be used as the sole source of lighting if positioned at a distance of approximately 20cm to 50cm from the plant. In a greenhouse setting, you can hang them as high as 1.8m from the plants.  

Bloomer Pro flowering light installation instruction

Today, we'll explore two spectral versions of these remarkable lamps and discover the benefits they offer to growers like you.  

Optimized Photoperiodic Exposure:

Unlock the full potential of your plants by providing them with specific lighting tailored to their unique photoperiodic requirements. Flowering lights offer an ideal spectrum of light that supports healthy and robust flowering. The result? Higher yields and improved quality of your precious harvest. 

flowering light periodic lighting

Plants with long-day characteristics:

These plants require exposure to light periods longer than a certain critical length, typically found in the summer season, in order to flower. They thrive when exposed to light for more than 12 hours a day, and some may even require up to 16 hours of light. Alternatively, the light can be turned on and off to interrupt the dark duration, which helps trigger flowering and promotes overall plant health. The Flowering bulb is instrumental in stimulating flowering and enhancing the well-being of these plants.  

Dragon fruit plant with fruits, advanced with flowering light

Dragon Fruit growers can advance and increase their harvest by using flowering lights to increase and advance flowering with the Bloomer Pro

Plants with neutral-day characteristics:

These plants are not influenced by the length of the light period they are exposed to when it comes to flowering. They can bloom regardless of the duration of light, although it is generally recommended to provide them with approximately 12 hours of light per day. Just like the long-day plants, the Flowering bulb plays a crucial role in stimulating flowering and supporting the overall health of these plants.  

Plants with short-day characteristics:

For these plants the uninterrupted darkness period is critical. Short-day plants exclusively form flowers when the day length is shorter than approximately 12 hours, typically ranging from 6 to 8 hours. These plants benefit from light exposure, particularly in the morning. Using the Flowering bulb helps you to promote flowering and ensuring the well-being of these plants. 

Chrysanthemum in a greenhouse grow taller with flowering lights

Chrysanthemum growers can utilize flowering lights like the Bloomer Pro to cultivate taller and stronger plants while inhibiting premature flowering. By using these lights, growers can promote vertical growth until the plant reaches its desired height and size. Once the plant has reached its optimum stature, they can discontinue the use of flowering lights to ensure that the flowers bloom at the right time, allowing for a perfectly timed and abundant display of blossoms.

Wide Coverage and Optimum Light Distribution:

Say goodbye to uneven lighting and welcome the benefits of ample light output with superior light distribution. High-quality flowering lamps provide wide coverage, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your growing area receives the same level of illumination. No plant will be left in the dark!  

Safe and Easy-to-Use Design:

We understand the importance of safety and durability when it comes to your lighting fixtures. That's why these flowering lamps are thoughtfully designed with simplicity and robustness in mind. Say goodbye to fragile glass components and hello to a sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of your growing environment. And as an added bonus, they are lightweight, making installation a breeze.  

Spectral versions

Now, let's delve into the benefits of each spectral version:  

Deep Red and White (DR/W) Version:

One of the earliest generation flowering lights this light can also be used as sole source lighting in indoor growth environments.  

Spectrum graph-Bloomer-PRO-DRW

Deep Red, White, and Far Red (DR/W/FR) Version:

For those of you cultivating long-day plants, this specialized spectral version is a game-changer. It provides the perfect light spectra to promote flowering, resulting in an abundant production of high-quality blooms. But wait, there's more! This version also prevents premature flowering in mother plants and stimulates vigorous vegetative growth in cuttings of short-day plants. Plus, it's ideal for extending the day or interrupting the night cycle, stimulating stem elongation in strawberry plants and leading to earlier and larger harvests. Summer flowers like gypsum, aster, deer hay, and goldenrod, as well as pot plants, will also thrive under this magical light. It's a win-win for both annual and perennial plants.  

You can also use this version for short-day plants like chrysanthemums, dahlias, or poinsettias. In short-day plants itt effectively suppresses flowering, allowing your plants to maintain their vegetative state when needed. Keep your plants focused on growing, and watch them thrive

Spectrum graph-Bloomer-PRO-DRWFR

So, whether you're a professional grower or a dedicated home gardener, these flowering lights hold the key to unlocking the full potential of your plants. Embrace the power of light, and witness the awe-inspiring transformation as your plants burst into a symphony of colors and flavors. Get ready to experience the joy of bountiful harvests and the satisfaction of nurturing nature's gifts. Happy growing!

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