Compare and Replace Power Adapter Philips HF18 AC/DC for Wake-up lights HF3510 HF3520 HF3550

Compare and Replace Power Adapter Philips HF18 AC/DC for Wake-up lights HF3510 HF3520 HF3550

If you're using a HF18 adapter and cannot find a replacement, you've come to the right blog. In this blog we're comparing the HF18 with PSU-AD-20-24.

by Jille Kuipers

Hey there, fellow shoppers! I recently had an experience that I'm sure many of you can relate to: the frustrating search for a replacement adapter. Ugh, talk about annoying, right? But hey, I've got some exciting news to share with you today!

I believe that as consumers, we should have the opportunity to repair our goods and get spare parts easily. It's not just about saving money, but also about making sustainable choices that have a positive impact on our planet. Why constantly buy new products when we can give our beloved items a longer lifespan?

Imagine this: you are using a Philips wake-up light with its official adapter, but after a while, it stops working. Instead of tossing it in the trash and contributing to the mounting pile of waste, wouldn't it be awesome if you could fix it yourself? Or easily get the spare parts needed to bring it back to life? That's the kind of consumer empowerment we all deserve!

By embracing the concept of repair and supporting the availability of spare parts, we can make a real difference in the way we consume. It's a small step towards a more sustainable future, but every small step counts, right?

So, let's come together and champion the idea of repairability and longevity for our products. Let's show the world that we refuse to be part of the throwaway culture. Together, we can make a lasting impact and pave the way for a more sustainable and conscious way of shopping. Are you with me? Let's do this! - Jille

Sometimes, the original power adapters may become damaged or lost, and finding a suitable replacement can be a challenge. However, with this suggested wall adapter power supply, you can conveniently power your devices without compromising on quality or performance. 

Written by Jille Kuipers

So even if your adapter has failed, you can still continue using your device with a replacement. Let's compare the adapters:

Key Features and Specifications

Philips HF18 Adapter

Philips HF18

PSU-AD-20-24 Adapter


Type AC/DC Power Supply AC/DC Power Supply
Input 100-240V ~50/60Hz 100-240V ~50/60Hz
Output 24V 18W 24V 29W
Plug type Standard EU plug Standard EU plug

Connector: DC Barrel Jack plug (male)

Connector: DC Barrel Jack plug (male)

Wire length 1500mm 1800mm
Weight 106g 120g
Dimensions L95mm x W35mm x H85mm L90mm x W43mm x H70mm
Certification CE CE
Made in China China


What is the HF18 used for?

The HF18 is used for Philips Wake-up lights HF3510 HF3520 HF3550. These are popular wake-up lights. 

Philips wake-up light HF3510
Philips Wake up light HF3520
Philips wake up light HF3550

These models have been discontinued. Whilst the quality is generally very good, the adapter can fail over time. But no worries, you can find a replacement and prolong the life of this product.

The Importance of Compatibility
It is important to check the compatibility when it comes to power adapters. Using an incompatible or low-quality adapter can lead to subpar performance, potential damage to your device, or even safety hazards. Our recommended wall adapter power supply is specified to ensure seamless compatibility with the specified Philips models, providing optimal performance and peace of mind.


Both adapters are AC/DC Power Supply Adapters.


Both adapters can be used with 100-240V ~50/60Hz. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and many other countries this voltage is used. The input is important as an adapter in the USA uses e.g. 110V and is not compatible. 


The output of the HF18 is 24Volt and 18Watt. The output of the PSU-AD-20-24 is 24Volt and 29Watt. This means it is potentially 61% more powerful. If you're using the adapter for the wake-up light it will not use all that power and will just use 18Watt instead. The additional benefit is that it prolongs the lifetime of the adapter. Do not use an adapter with an output that has a higher or lower voltage. In the case of the wake-up lights they require 24V and the adapter should provide that. It is also important to provide enough power. Adapters that have too little power can overheat and malfunction. 

Plug type

Both adapters use a Standard EU plug.

HF18 adapter with PSU-AD-20-24 EU standard plug


Both use an DC Barrel Jack plug (male). There are different DC Barrel Jack plugs, but these adapters use the same type.

HF18 adapter with PSU-AD-20-24 plug type

Wire length

The HF18 has a length of 1500mm. The PSU-AD-20-24 has a length of 1800mm. So you'll have a bit extra.


The HF18 is 106g and the PSU-AD-20-24 is 120g, slightly heavier due to its components.


The HF is 95mm long, 35mm wide and 85mm high. The PSU-AD-20-24 is 90mm long, 43mm wide and 70mm high. The PSU-AD-20-24 is slightly more compact.

HF18 adapter with PSU-AD-20-24 highHF18 adapter with PSU-AD-20-24 wide


Both have CE.

Made in

Both are made in China.

HF18 adapter with PSU-AD-20-24 specs

In conclusion, replacing a power adapter for your Philips Wake up light doesn't have to be a daunting task. With this compatible wall adapter power supply, you can seamlessly power your devices and enjoy the same level of performance as with the original adapter.

Get yours here. for customers in Europe, we are pleased to offer free shipping on orders of 3 or more pieces. For orders below this quantity, there is a shipping fee of 5 euros at the time of writing. 

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