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Adaptor 20W (EU plug) 24V output

Adaptor 20W (EU plug) 24V output

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Switching adaptor

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Output: 24V, 1.24A, 29.76Watt

This adaptor can be used to power the Controller (1pcs) with HortiPower Nurser 1 (1pcs) with Driver. You may need to cut the wire and use it as input into the driver.

Please note: the output plug is a jack plug. You may cut this jack plug and use the bare wire as input for the Driver. Consult an electrician or ask us for help if you need support.

Shipping & Warranty

Shipping to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. For Asia contact our dealers. Priority shipping up to 10 working days.
Warranty 2 years.

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