Greening Your Space: How to Create Indoor Gardens and repurpose Lights into Grow Lights

Greening Your Space: How to Create Indoor Gardens and repurpose Lights into Grow Lights

If you're looking to bring nature inside your home, here are some ideas to repurpose your fixtures and furniture into an indoor garden or greenhouse.

by Jille Kuipers

All product images provided by IKEA, All growlight images provided by HortiPower

Repurpose your fixtures into a growlight

Convert fixtures like the IKEA SKURUP floor uplighter or the IKEA RANARP floor/reading lamp into grow lights by using plant-friendly light bulbs. This way, you can provide the necessary light for your indoor plants' growth.


A fixture with an E27 fitting is commonly used in home lighting. You can replace the existing light with a grow light bulb like the Bloomer 2.


A fixture with a lampshape can help you to direct all the light to the plant and prevent a direct line of sight from the human eye to the light bulb, as growlights can be very bright

Indoor gardening styles

There are many styles of DIY indoor gardens, as well as greenhouse kits that you can buy at places like the local hardware store or IKEA. Consider the following:

Plant pots

By combining these elements, you can create a beautiful indoor garden or greenhouse. Remember to choose suitable plant pots, such as the BITTERGURKA plant pot or the ÄPPELROS plant pot to complement your green space.

IKEA BITTERGURKA with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

The BITTERGURKA can be placed behind a bright window, and you wouldn't need any grow lights. However, during the winter or when placing it in a dark corner, you could use a grow light to keep your plants happy.

IKEA ÄPPELROS with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

The ÄPPELROS is a great planter for a windowsill. Using a grow light will help your plants grow and thrive, even when the days are shorter

Plant dome


Additionally, consider adding decorative touches like the HÄRLIGA glass dome with base.

IKEA HÄRLIGA with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

The HÄRLIGA is a great option for succulents and cacti. Its glass dome allows plant-centric light to reach the plant, and it can be used in conjunction with the Bloomer 2. A grow light promotes cacti growth and flowering

The BEGÅVNING glass dome with base to highlight smaller plants or create a captivating focal point.

IKEA BEGÅVNING with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

In a glass dome like BEGÅVNING, you can create a small microclimate. Paired with a grow light like the Bloomer 2, it provides a perfect environment for nurturing a special orchid. The Bloomer 2 emits light that stimulates flowering

Plant stands

For a freestyle vibe, you can incorporate hanging planters like the CHILISTRÅN hanging planter. There is also a plant stands with wheels for mobility and versatility.


IKEA CHILISTRÅN with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

The CHILISTRÅN is great for housing larger plants. Use it with a grow light for large tropical plants, such as banana plants or Monstera

Consider using plant stands or plant ladders like SATSUMAS, such as the bamboo/white, 78 cm or the SATSUMAS plant stand, bamboo/white, 70 cm. 

IKEA SATSUMAS with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP floor

On a plant ladder, you can grow decorative plants as well as kitchen herbs such as basil, thyme, mint, and others. For a consistent year-round supply, use a grow light to cultivate your own herbs, even in darker corners or during winter time

The OLIVBLAD plant stand helps you to create an elevated display for your plants. These stands provide a stylish platform and protect your plants.

IKEA OLIVBLAD with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

Plant stands allow you to bring nature inside, making them perfect for showcasing beautiful foliage plants. If you're placing them in your living room, consider plants with thicker leaves, such as the pancake plant. To supplement indoor light, a grow light should be used for a maximum of 10 to 12 hours a day during winter time

If you're more into growing a bunch of plants or love to grow seedlings look into the VANILJSTÅNG plant stand

IKEA VANILJSTÅNG with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP


A rectangular plant stand can help you maximize the growing surface. You could grow your own microgreens or cultivate vegetable seedlings. For the best results you could use them in combination with a Nurser 3 growlight set for home

If you're looking for a green corner, you may look at the ASKHOLMEN plant stand to complement your indoor garden.

IKEA ASKHOLMEN plant stand with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP floor

A corner plant stand is space efficient and you can grow some big foliage plants 

Mini greenhouses

These mini greenhouses create a controlled environment for your plants, helping you to maintain proper humidity and shield your plants from a dry airflow.  Utilize plant stands like the ÅKERBÄR greenhouse or SENAPSKÅL decoration greenhouse.

IKEA ÅKERBÄR with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP floor IKEA ÅKERBÄR with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

IKEA SENAPSKÅL with growlight Bloomer 2 and RANARP

Greenhouse cabinets

Showcase your plants in stylish greenhouse cabinets like the MILSBO glass-door cabinet. These cabinets provide a clear view while protecting your plants from dust and creating an eye-catching display. Read this blog to make your own greenhouse like Marit.

IKEA milsbo with growlights Nurser 3

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