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Power Supply 150W/240W

Power Supply 150W/240W

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150W/240W Power Supply is made for horticultural lighting.

150W = max. 6 pcs of HortiPower Nurser 1

150W = max. 4 pcs of HortiPower Nurser 2

240W = max. 10 pcs of HortiPower Nurser 1

240W = max. 5 pcs of HortiPower Nurser 2

It operates from 100~360VAC and offers models with different rated current ranging between 500mA and 2100mA. Thanks to the high efficiency up to 92%, with the fanless design, the entire series is able to operate for -40°C~+85°C case temperature under free air convection.

The design of metal housing and IP67/IP65 ingress protection level allows this series to fit both indoor and outdoor applications. ELG is equipped with various function options, such as dimming methodologies, so as to provide the optimal design flexibility for LED lighting system.

Shipping & Warranty

Shipping to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. For Asia contact our dealers. Priority shipping up to 10 working days.
Warranty 2 years.

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