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HortiPower Grow Rack 1

HortiPower Grow Rack 1

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On-Site Farming for Good

Be a proud endorser of plant power! Give your followers or fanbase something fresh and fun to talk about. Stir up and capture attention with the installment of our commercial grade grow racks. 

Grow & Pick As You Please

Stock an industrial scale kitchen, juice bar, restaurant, bistro or gourmet café with garden fresh produce grown on-site. Use the grow racks with built-in lights to plant microgreens, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more for the picking.

Fresh, Crisp, Raw & Clean

Know where your food is coming from. Apply fair food cultivation practices, help reduce pollution and provide patrons with unbeatable freshness by installing these rolling grow racks on the premises. Offer diners a fresh selection of edible plants for a unique farm-to-table dining experience.

High Return on Investment

These grow racks generate an amazing return on investment. By having your own on-the-spot indoor farm to cultivate, you can expect the following benefits:

  • save money on weekly food expenses & avoid harmful pesticides
  • grow plenty of plants, flowers, herbs or succulents to sell for profit
  • decorate your establishment with a fresh, healthy, go green aesthetic

Easy to Maneuver & Move

Equipped with wheels and highlighted by an ergonomically narrow profile, these slimline grow racks couldn’t be easier to move around. Roll them through doors and load them on elevators with ease to set them up anywhere you please.

NFT channels specs:

Herbs: 96 plants

Leafy greens: 96 plants

Strawberries: 48 plants

Different configurations possible.

Plant-to-plant distance up to 21 cm


Nurser 3 (8 or 12 pcs of each 20W, Total 160W or 240W)

Voltage input 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz.

Supplied with UK plug, USA plug, EU plug

CE, RoHS, EcoDesign certified

Complimentary water tank and water pump.

Free delivery in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Netherlands.

For other regions please inquire.


Production example Lettuce
1248 plants per year @ 150gm = 187.2 kilos Based on lettuce 28 days, 13 crop cycles. Note this system is not aimed at producing tons of food. Connect with us if you are producing tons of food.
Production example Strawberry 48 plants per year @ 1000gm = 48 kilos. Based on ever-bearing strawberries, starting from rootstock. 
Length 120cm * Width 45cm * 180cm Height
Space requirement 0.54m2 (fits through doors and elevators)

Rack: Food grade stainless steel frame

Plant channels: Food grade plastics

Mobility Four wheels (two lockable) for easy movement
Timer Analogue light timer
Power Usage 8 LED lights @ 20w - 160w power consumption

Plant-centric light (400-800nm)

HortiPower Nurser 3 (1200mm)

Proprietary technology

Plant channels

4 layers, each holding 2 plant channels, and 48 plant sites (at standard planting hole ratio 21cm between centres)

Maximum crop height 300mm
Growing Area
2.16m2 growing area per rack
Nutrient tank 35Liter

Shipping & Warranty

Shipping to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. For Asia contact our dealers. Priority shipping up to 10 working days.
Warranty 2 years.

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