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Holding clip (Nurser 3 compatible)

Holding clip (Nurser 3 compatible)

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Making it easier for you

Nurser 3

  • Holding clip to make the connection between Nurser 3 lights stronger
  • L 15mm x W 21mm x H 20mm
  • 1pcs
  • 3 gram for 1pcs
  • Once attached to the light, it should not be removed
  • Power-off the Nurser 3 lights before attaching this clip


It works with all Nurser 3 products.


You can connect this product without any special tools


The clip is about 15mm long.

Shipping & Warranty

Shipping to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. For Asia contact our dealers. Priority shipping up to 10 working days.
Warranty 2 years.

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