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HortiPower Bloomer Pro (Flowering lamp) E27

HortiPower Bloomer Pro (Flowering lamp) E27

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Bloomer Pro LED flowering bulb with an E27 fitting, available in DR/W and DR/W/FR versions, featuring optimised spectra for promoting flowering, preventing bud formation, and stimulating strong stem elongation, allowing you to effectively manage your plant's flowering, fruiting, and maximise productivity in indoor or greenhouse facilities.



E27 fitting, L 127mm ⌀ 164mm

Growing surface and installation

Grow light sole source

Height 20 to 50cm, growing surface ⌀30 to 50cm

Greenhouse flowering light

max. height 1.8 meter, about 8m2 per lamp

Hours per day

Grow light sole source: Approximately 12 hours per day

Greenhouse flowering light: Approximately 3 hours per night to extend the day

Crops to grow

DR/W Version:

Suppression of Flowering in Short-Day Plants: Chrysanthemum, dahlia, poinsettia, and others.

DR/W/FR Version:

Ideal for Summer Flowers and Pot Plants: gypsum, aster, deer hay, goldenrod, and pot plants. It also benefits annual and perennial plants.

Promotes Stem Elongation and Flowering: Strawberry plant, Dragon fruit and others.

Technical specs

High intensity, plant-centric SMD LEDs (400-780nm)

1 pcs of Bloomer Pro, 10W, 18 μmol/s, 825 lumens.
Micromole @ 40cm distance: 88 μmol/m²/s
Color temperature: white with a soft pink tone, approximately 3850K
Lifetime: 25.00hrs

Download the specsheet (pdf) here

Delivery, Growth guarantee, Warranty

Europe: 1 to 5 business days.
USA: 5 to 10 business days.
30 days growth guarantee.
2 years warranty.

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    HortiPower lights are professional lights made for your plants so they'll have a perfect day every day and grow well. They support rooting, leaf development, thicker meristems and drive photosynthesis, which helps you to grow beautiful and vigorous plants. 

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    Since the pandemic people have been asking us for grow light sets that help them grow indoors. We made this set for you. Use your HortiPower at anyplace to grow any leafy green, edible flowers and decorative plants the whole-year round.

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