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HortiPower Nurser 3 grow light
HortiPower Nurser 3 grow light for leafy greens and vegetables
HortiPower Nurser 3 spectrum graph with peak in red and blue
HortiPower Nurser 3 can be connected without any dots, so you have a straight line
HortiPower Nurser 3 LEDs
HortiPower Nurser 3 analysis
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HortiPower Nurser 3

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HortiPower Nurser 3

HortiPower Nurser 3 is the most affordable fixture with optimized intensity and plant-centric spectrum. It is ideal for vertical farming of leafy greens such as lettuce or microgreens, and herbs. It is also suitable for indoor plant-propagation such as bell pepper and cucumber.

It emits 31 μmol/s / 1350 lumen with full spectrum and plant-spectrum LEDs (400-780nm). The fixture can be connected to 100-240VAC input and fixtures can be extended in a straight line of up to 15 pcs.

Custom engineered LEDs are designed to support faster, better and healthier growth.

The Nurser 3 comes with feed cable, extension cables and mounting brackets.


No technical knowledge required. Plug-and-play with light.

31 μmol

More μmol output compared to T5 or T8


Better growth

Better output, Less energy

Hortipower Power Nurser 3 is perfect to replace T5 and T8 fixtures in tissue culture labs and indoor plant propagation roomsThe optical design supports an uniform lighting distribution on the shelf centre and edges. Custom engineered LEDs are designed to support faster, better and healthier growth.

Propagate your plants with light

Total Lighting Solution

  • Accelerate plant propagation by 30%
  • Full of Red, White and Blue
  • Up to 15 pcs can connect together
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Requires 0 technical knowledge