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HortiPower Nurser 2

HortiPower Nurser 2

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HortiPower Nurser 2

HortiPower Nurser 2 is a solid and amazingly result-oriented 40W light. Designed for tissue culture and vertical farming (leafy greens, baby greens, herbs) it can adjust its lighting properties in 60,000 steps. It emits up to 76 µmol in the 400-800nm range.

Light intensity and spectrum are adjustable to meet the plant need at every growth stage. 5 channels of custom engineered LEDs support plant growth and development.

5 channels

Control your spectrum ratio’s to support every growth stage

76 μmol

More output for higher yield


Grow 300 types of varieties of lettuces, herbs, leafy greens, and small root vegetables

From vertical farms to growth containers

HortiPower Nurser 2 is made for vertical farms to grow leafy greens, baby greens and microgreens. You can use it to grow consistent, tasty and high quality crops that people love to eat.

Perfect days all year round

Total Lighting Solution

  • Grow inside with optimum light conditions every day of the year
  • Plant-centric LEDs to help plants grow strong
  • Aluminum body with high transmissive glass
  • Perfect for shelfs, growth containers and large-scale deployment
  • Centrally controllable and AI-ready



Shipping & Warranty

Shipping to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. For Asia contact our dealers. Priority shipping up to 10 working days.
Warranty 2 years.

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