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HortiPower Controller

HortiPower Controller

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HortiPower Controller

HortiPower Controller is an easy to use controller. It is designed to give you maximum flexibility to control your lights.

It can control single- or multi-color control of low voltage LED products with a wired digital communication network.

It takes a DC input from 24VDC and its data output is DMX. Scenes can be stored with a .csv file.

512 channels

Controls 512 channels of light

999 scenes

Plays lighting scenes

24H uptime

Internal clock to make scheduling easy

Control and schedule lights

HortiPower controller enables you to dim lights and change the light spectrum. Schedule your operating hours and give different light to different areas so your plants always get what they need.

Manage your lights

Total Lighting Solution

  • Control up to 512 channels
  • DMX protocol compatible
  • Automatic schedule run
  • Save and store scenes
  • AI-ready



Shipping & Warranty

Shipping to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. For Asia contact our dealers. Priority shipping up to 10 working days.
Warranty 2 years.

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